Cong. Cummings Plans June Foreclosure Prevention Workshop

Cummings at HomeFree USA 6.2.12When Seventh District Congressman Elijah Cummings worked in partnership with DHCD to host his first foreclosure prevention workshop in June 2009, the response was overwhelming. Nearly 1,000 distressed homeowners showed up to meet face-to-face with counselors, lenders and pro bono attorneys during the one-day event.

He has announced plans to host his fifth workshop at Woodlawn Senior High School on June 16.

“These workshops are significant in that we are able to bring together the lenders and the borrowers to reach solutions on the spot,” says Cong. Cummings, who has built a national reputation for his legislative and personal efforts to help homeowners find sustainable solutions to losing their home.

DHCD’s Office of Community Outreach works with local leaders and community groups in similar workshops and forums throughout the state. Visit DHCD’s MD HOPE website for a calendar of upcoming events.

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