Sesame Street is Helping Families in Financial Trouble Face the Tough Questions

Outreach-Brochure---Families-Stand-Together-1Elmo, the iconic Sesame Street Muppet asks, “Why isn’t mommy at work today?”

That’s a tough question from a Muppet; it’s even tougher from a small child whose parents are in danger of losing their home..

Sesame Street has launched the “Families Stand Together” initiative to help families find ways to address that and many other questions as even many middle class families struggle with the stress and uncertainty in the wake of one of the most prolonged economic downturns since the Great Depression.  The bilingual multimedia kit includes a DVD, a storybook, and a caregiver’s handbook with advice about spending time as a family, practical ways to stay afloat, and answering children’s questions, such as:

Q. Why do we have to move?

A. Because we don’t have as much money to pay for our house. Remember, a house is not a home. Home is where our family is.

 According to Dr. Jeanette Betancourt, vice president of Outreach and Educational Practices at Sesame Workshop, “Families Stand Together provides positive strategies and models behavior for parents and care providers to support the entire family during insecure times. The strategies are also designed so that they can be easily integrated into families’ everyday routines.”

Major support provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Additional support provided by BNY Mellon.

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