The Maryland Mortgage Program: “Your Clients Will Thank You For It”


The best ambassadors for the Maryland Mortgage Program tend to be our lender partners.

“We have always felt that it is important for us to be a part of the MMP, and we’re a part of the program for that reason,” says Catherine Smith, senior vice president and chief operating officer of First Home Mortgage, the program’s top lender of 2012.

“(The Maryland Mortgage Program) enables a certain qualified borrower the ability to buy a home; eligible borrowers who for whatever reason might not be able to buy a home otherwise, under other programs.  I think that helps us follow our mission which is to help borrowers get into homes.”

Adds Ryan Paquin, branch manager at First Home in Crofton “Just by having that product, it gets the phone ringing. I mean people look us up online, or people say ‘Hey can you help us out with that client?’ You know, it just opens up the doors.

“There are four different products from a purchase standpoint,” Paquin continues. “You can be a military purchaser, you can be someone buying gin rural areas, you can be a 10 percent to 15 percent down perfect candidate, and there’s still a benefit to using the program – with the down payment assistance, the mortgage assistance payments, there really is no negative to the program.”

First Home is one of the 51 approved Maryland Mortgage Program lenders, says Cecilia Weller, single family housing program coordinator for DHCD’s Community Development Administration.  Becoming a CDA-approved lender is a short process involving being approved by the master servicer, completing documentation and participation in training.

Weller believes that getting people into homes and keeping them there is part of creating sustainable communities.

“When you get someone into a home you are strengthening not just the happiness level of your basic homeowner, but the neighborhood, it strengthens the community and it strengthens the state as a whole.”

 “Your clientele, your borrowers and your realtors will thank you for it,” Paquin says. “There are no negatives to being a CDA lender.”

  – With Catherine Kinlein and Michael Swartz


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